Robin Vujanic

My research is mainly oriented towards the application of mathematical optimization methods. I have worked in the energy domain at IfA in Zurich, and in my current position at ACFR, Sydney, I am investigating models for mining applications. These domains invariably require the co-optimization of continuous quantities (such as voltages, currents, concentrations, grades, etc) and binary variables (on-off decisions, logic constraints). This requirement generally results in hard computational problems.

Contact Information

Dr. Robin Vujanic
RTCMA - Rio Tinto Centre for Mine Automation
J13 Link Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006, Australia


Applications of Optimization


I am interested in the development of new mathematical models that enable the optimal operation of large engineered systems, such as power networks and mining production and supply chains.

Decomposition of Large Scale (MIP) Optimization Models

image-center I do research on practical methods for solving large, structured optimization problems. These arise, for example, when dealing with the operation of large engineered systems. They also appear in the context of solving scenario based stochastic models (e.g., in multi stage stochastic optimization).

Robust Scheduling and Optimization

image-center I am also interested in optimization models entailing uncertainties, and in particular in methods to address these uncertainties in a robust fashion. The primary application domains of my research in this area have been in the control of power electronic systems, and optimization of industrial production processes.