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A python package for non-smooth optimization. Github repo here.


SMPS File Reader

SMPS is a file format for distributing stochastic multistage models. It is an extension of the MPS file format, which is used to store optimization models.

There is a parser written in FORTRAN, but I was unable to make it work in my Python environment. Pyomo has some code to write SMPS files, but not to parse them (see also my request on their forum). I decided to write a parser script from scratch. It can be used to parse most models from archives such as SIPLIB, POST and Andy Felt’s collection.

Standards are set in the SMPS documentation, but models archives do not always follow them. Also, the parser does not currently support BLOCK-INDEP mode. If you have troubles parsing some of these files, do not hesitate to contact me.

MineLib Reader

MineLib is a library of optimization model instances related to open-pit mine sequencing. Here is a description of the file format, while here are the datasets.

This Python script does the parsing. It requires the gurobipy package.